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i draw things #41 – Highlighter explosion


i draw things #40 – And the Lord said, let there be ROCK!

i drew this during finals week.

it kept me sane.

and yes, that is God with a rainbow beard and crazy eyes.

here’s the LOOK@OKC article it ran with. GIVE IT A READ

i draw things #39 – frozen yogurt vs. RAWK AND/OR ROLL

this doodle ran with a nifty column in last week’s LOOK@OKC.

it’s about how we are doomed because of frozen yogurt

give it a read here.

also, i have several OKLAHOMA inspired drawings coming soonly.

Frozen Yogurt

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i draw things #38 – record breaker

This week has been pretty interesting.

It marked the debut of Live Nathan, a column in LOOK@OKC exploring concerts in Oklahoma.

George Lang wrote a more than generous article concerning me.

Here’s the first column.

Let me know what you think.

And here’s first illustration.


things i draw #37 – stardeath goes on tour, eats planet and saves ears

i volunteered to doodle a tour poster for Stardeath and White Dwarfs. they are going to be running around the U.S. with the Flaming Lips and many more.

perhaps you will see it hanging up somewhere.

if you do, steal it because i want one.

stardeath on tour

i draw things #35 – “on.” HOUSE PARTY No. 2

you should come to this on MARCH 26.

come on, it won’t cost nothing (donations accepted).

"on." HOUSE SHOW No. 2

i draw things #34 – sometimes my jokes are unicorny

i blame this.


i draw things #33 – octopoppepus garden

Posted in blue pen, media law notes, orange highlighter, pink highlighter, yellow highlighter by VDub Sessions on February 24, 2010

my love for this doodle cannot be expressed in words. that’s why i wrote this song about an octopus.

Ah hem.

Ooooooooooohhhh octopoppepus

You make the sea so nervous

With your arms

So many arms

Ooooooooooohhhh zach gray likes gatorade (and helped make you blue)

So yeah, expect more drawings this week.


Also, I shot and edited this. Enjoy.

things i draw #20 – dread week PT. 2

i drew this last night in the newsroom.

things i draw #19 – dread week

Posted in black pen, blue highlighter, orange highlighter, pink highlighter, yellow highlighter, yellow paper by VDub Sessions on November 30, 2009

i drew this in public affairs reporting.